December 2, 2021

Will Interest Rates Stay Low?

If you're wondering when interest rates will rise, you're not alone. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates painfully low since 2008. Their goal is to stimulate lending and speed up the recovery … [Read more...]

Independent Brokerage of CDs vs. Bank CD Investing

Investment CDs can be pretty confusing if you are new to the market. There are so many rules, limitations, and options for the investor. There’s high yield CDs, risk-free CDs, maturity CDs, and CDs … [Read more...]

Feds Cutting Rates: How Does It Affect Your CDs

With all the recent turmoil in Washington over federal bailouts and the general dismal outlook for the financial economy, it may seem like the overall answer regarding how this affects your and your … [Read more...]

Investment CDs: What is a Jumbo CD?

In the current climate of the world’s economy, financial planning and investment has taken on a newer, more dramatic importance in the minds of every consumer. The Federal Government bailouts, … [Read more...]

Strategies to Maximize Your CDs

Certificates of Deposit or CDs may seem like one of the last things on your mind these days, what with current economic headlines proclaiming doom and destruction, but cds are actually one of your … [Read more...]

Tips on Safe Investing in an Insecure Economy

The current economy has made most of us a little wary about our own finances. With more and more bailouts and personal and employer-based accounts and stock options losing more value each and every … [Read more...]