December 9, 2023

Finding the Best CDs in 2013

If you happen to be a CD investment enthusiast of late, no doubt your levels of patience and optimism are being tested quite heavily with the dismal performance record of the past year or two. … [Read more...]

CD Rate Investing – Methods for The Long Run

For any long-term CD investment strategy, saving up for retirement can be viewed as a long-distance strategy, much as it would be if one were contemplating a run in a marathon. It takes diligent and … [Read more...]

CDs Are Changing With The Times

Certificates of Deposit in 2012 and Beyond. If you are like most cost-conscious and saving-savvy consumers or investors, and keeping a sharp eye on the interest rates, no doubt you have witnessed the … [Read more...]

CD Strategies for 2012

Selecting Your Certificate of Deposit Term Selecting a CD term these days is not a decision that comes easy, and it can generally take on somewhat of a rather bleak ‘why bother’ outlook. When … [Read more...]

Calculating CD Rates – APY vs APR

Calculating CD Rates The first thing people want to know when they are investing in a certificate of deposit (aka CDs), is how much money they will earn from that particular investment. In order for … [Read more...]

Certificates of Deposit – A Wise Investment?

Certificates of deposit, also known as CDs are a unique investment account that allows people to obtain a low risk investment that is insured by the federal government. Similar to your normal savings … [Read more...]