February 21, 2024

Certificates of Deposit Library

How Indexed CDs and Hybrid CDs Provide a Useful Alternative

A certificate of deposit, or CD, is provided by a bank or credit union and is known as a time deposit, meaning once you invest money it has to stay there for a predetermined length of time to build interest. Most CDs are standard fixed-rate CDs and they accumulate a constant rate of interest throughout the term of the CD. Regardless of what happens with the market rates, whether they increase or decrease, the rate of interest on the CD will remain the same until the maturity date (time the term … [Read More...]

Waiting for Higher CD Rates? Alternative Investments for Your Money

These days, with CD rates so low, you may be hard-pressed to find an investor who is buying certificates of deposit specifically for their yield. Though the end of such dismally low rates may be near, for some people it cannot come fast enough. But your money has to go somewhere, right? There are not any other kinds of options that offer the same rewards and returns as certificates of deposit do, but there are a few good places to put your money while you hold out for better CD … [Read More...]

Factors to Consider When Choosing Where to Invest

Certificates of deposit (or CDs) are basically loans that you are making to the bank. At the end of the term (the maturity date) the bank will pay you back the loan plus whatever interest has accumulated during the length of the term. It is up to the investor to choose the length of the CD, which can range anywhere from thirty days to thirty years. The most common CD terms are 2 Year CDs, 3 Year CDs, and 5 Year CDs, and generally speaking the longer the term the more interest you can earn on the … [Read More...]

Deciding Between Short-Term and Long-Term CDs

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a type of investment where you put money into an account, it accumulates interest, and at the end of the term you cash out your funds. If you decide that a CD seems like the best investment option to you, then you need to decide what kind of CD you want to get. There are many different types, but the first thing you need to figure out is how long you want to invest in the CD. As you will read below there are advantages and disadvantages to both short-term and … [Read More...]

CD Laddering or Flexible CDs – Which is More Beneficial?

For a long time certificates of Deposits (CDs) were seen as a valuable investment strategy. Then initial rates plummeted and investors become wary of them. But times are changing for the CD as bank and lending institutions are coming up with creative and nontraditional ways to entice consumers. These nontraditional CD accounts are striving to solve the problem of standard CDs, namely the rigid account structures and the lack of flexibility in the face of rising market rates. Whether you’re a … [Read More...]

A Warning About the Disadvantages of Liquid CDs

Despite how great liquid certificates of deposit may seem, they will not be to the advantage of every investor. Their biggest benefit is the fact that they offer early withdrawals without penalties, something which standard CDs do not provide. The typical CD comes with hefty fees and penalties for those who wish to cash out on their investment prematurely. But despite this Liquid CDs are not without their own drawbacks. Learning More About Liquid CDs The terms and conditions and interest rates … [Read More...]

The Importance of Understanding CD Maturity Dates

Every time you invest in a Certificate of Deposit it has a deposit date and a maturity date. It is very important that you understand what it means for your CD to mature and to know when this will happen. Cashing out on your CD before the maturity date will usually result in a penalty, such as the loss of all of the interest you have been accumulating. What is a Maturity Date A CD is a type of time deposit account. These accounts must be left untouched for a specified amount of time so that … [Read More...]

Reasons Why You Should Invest in a High Yield CD

There are a lot of different ways that you can invest your money safely and securely. High yield certificates of deposit are one great option, but they, and really all types of CDs in general, often get overlooked in a market full of stock and bond options. CDs might not offer the incredibly high returns that other options can give you, but they do provide a safe way for you to have control over your personal finances (especially ones that are insured by the FDIC). And smart investors will have … [Read More...]

How Rising-Rate CDs are Quickly Becoming the Next Best Thing

There has recently been a change happening in the financial world of certificates of deposit. Banks and lending institutions are beginning to notice a shift away from term deposits and towards liquid deposits. This means that liquid accounts, and other types of time deposits, have more money in them now than they ever have before, and they are certainly sounding like a good investment option. To stimulate and increase this interest in flexible CDs, banks are introducing rising-rate CDs. As … [Read More...]

Avoid the Consequence of an Early Withdrawal Penalty on CDs

A Certificate of Deposit is a great place to invest some of your hard earned money. But be aware that all of the positive aspects of CDs, the good interest rates and the extra cash built up in the account, may vanish if you decide to cash out on the CD before it has finished maturing. Cashing a CD before the maturity date is called an early withdrawal, and it can come with some heavy penalties. Strong Consequences In fact it is a Federal law that all CDs cashed out for early withdrawal in the … [Read More...]

What to Do After Finding the Best CD Rates

Everyone who is interested in finding investment opportunities knows that getting the best rates of interest is very important. But some people, especially those new to investing, may think that finding good rates is the only step. This mindset is especially true in the case of certificates of deposit. Finding good rates is really just the first step, albeit a crucial one, in a number of steps to smart investing. So how do you know if the return you’re getting on the investment is worth the … [Read More...]

Building a CD Strategy with Laddering

Many knowledgeable investment strategists maintain a specific segment of their fixed-asset portfolio beyond the reach of the cyclic patterns of the stock market. In order to accomplish this with a certain amount of safety, it is done through purchasing certificates of deposit, otherwise known as CDs. One of the most effective ways to ensure a long-term and lucrative return on this investment strategy is by incorporating what is called CD laddering. Everyone is certainly aware that interest … [Read More...]

Finding the Best CDs in 2013

If you happen to be a CD investment enthusiast of late, no doubt your levels of patience and optimism are being tested quite heavily with the dismal performance record of the past year or two. Developing and maintaining a coherent investment strategy is proving to be about as effective as simply rolling a pair of dice. If gloom and doom have been the bellwether of recent history, one wonders what the rest of 2012 may hold for CD rates. The answer morphing through most analysts’ crystal balls is, … [Read More...]

CD Rate Investing – Methods for The Long Run

For any long-term CD investment strategy, saving up for retirement can be viewed as a long-distance strategy, much as it would be if one were contemplating a run in a marathon. It takes diligent and focused levels of training and dedicated persistence to wind up in the winner’s circle with any type of consistency. Just crossing the finish line in a decent time-frame would be the best most of us could hope for, and in this case, having enough savings accrued at the all-too-soon age of retirement … [Read More...]

CDs Are Changing With The Times

Certificates of Deposit in 2012 and Beyond. If you are like most cost-conscious and saving-savvy consumers or investors, and keeping a sharp eye on the interest rates, no doubt you have witnessed the snail-like pace that characterizes the rate of change. Meanwhile, anyone investing hard-earned funds in CDs has the relative comfort of having their rate locked in for a certain period of time, and then letting the interest rates do whatever it is they do. This ambivalence lasts as long it takes to … [Read More...]

Why Certificates of Deposit?

In today's economy, you need to balance the need for increasing your wealth with the desire for capital preservation. Therefore, when determining your investment strategy it is important to understand how to find the highest CD interest Rates in the country. This will allow you to put some of your money into risk free investments that earn the highest interest rates.

Investing in CDs

By investing your funds in Certificates of Deposit, that have the highest yield, you can be assured that your portfolio is not overly aggressive and that your money is earning you sustainable growth. To quickly compare the Current CD Interest Rates, use our cd rate comparison tool.